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This Ends Here / Wolfbeast Destroyer Split tape

£3.50 - On Sale

This split tape from 2 UK d-beat stalwarts, Bristol’s THIS ENDS HERE and WOLFBEAST DESTROYER, out of Boston (Not Boston), demonstrates two starkly contrasting means of getting their point across, but a shared, deep-rooted belief in the DIY punk rock ethic. WOLFBEAST blast out 6 tracks in 12 minutes of brutal d-beat with all the subtlety of being hit over the head with a breezeblock. Engineered & produced at Stuck On A Name by Boulty, this is their first new material since 2011’s Far From Grace and first with BURNING THE PROSPECT frontman Dan on vocals. Following their split release with CONQUEROR WORM earlier this year, THIS ENDS HERE offer up 2 epic tracks of blackened, atmospheric crust, recorded and mixed themselves in their practice space. Prejudice Me, activist DIY label from Manchester, are joined by Fenland Hardcore Collective and Never Fall Into Silence in releasing this powerful and interesting limited edition tape.